2022 Ambassadors

Our 12 ambassadors that we feel for 2022 is our best yet with incredible stars like Divina de Campo and Ma’MaQueen from RuPaul’s Drag Race (UK and Holland) supporting us! Our official spokesperson this year is Marilyn Rose from Melbourne, Australia and of course all of our other amazing local talent in Australia and faraway lands like Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal and of course the US. Updating our cover that’s glossy, colourful and with Trve on the cover gives Goths for Sophie a fresh look for the 5th Anniversary edition.

Reikon DeVore

Divina de Campo

Marilyn Rose



Joana Shino

Elly Mantzaris

Niara Noctyrna

Olga Vukulova

Opal Wilde

My Beautiful Nightmare

Victoria Lovelace