Each year The Goths for Sophie Calendar Project scout for positive and motivated people to not just be in the calendar, but be available to promote and represent the cause. It’s all about the ‘we’ not ‘me’ when we refer to community.

What does it mean to be an Ambassador?

To be a Goths for Sophie Calendar Project Ambassador means you’re not only promoting the calendar to raise money for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, you’re creating change.

We look for people who love to be active in the goth scene and can provide an integral role in promotion. This means it’s not about promoting your personal Instagram or YouTube account, nor is it to gain a following. This is not the motivation for this project and we reserve the right to make these decisions for the best interest of the project and selection process.

If you are chosen, you will play an active role for a period of 6 months to post and promote the calendar. You can do this via your social media or in person with your friends, family, other social events or gatherings. We do have a focus on social media due to the reach it might bring, but spreading the word in person if you’re able is also encouraged.

What is the selection criteria?

We look for people to be in the calendar that can be responsible, represent the charity with pride and can adhere to the schedule of promotion. We do not select Ambassadors based on appearance, race or gender. The premise is inclusion of all people and we do not have a bias toward celebrity or status, so you don’t have to have a lot of followers to be part of the project. In fact, we’d prefer those of you who are lurking in the shadows to come out and play! Be part of something where you can truly make a difference.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Ghandi