What is the Goths for Sophie Calendar Project?

Goths for Sophie
Goths for Sophie
Goths for Sophie

We created the first calendar in 2017 to mark the 10th year of Sophie’s passing and continue the project each year. This project is to celebrate people from all walks of life, all nationalities, as they are, for who they are. It’s about the importance of staying true to yourself and to share the message that it’s ok to be YOU at any age, any nationality, any gender and to express your style and uniqueness without prejudice or discrimination. From a wider perspective, it’s fair to say this applies to all people, however our project has a focus on alternative subculture from which Sophie will always be a part of.

Each year 12 Ambassadors from all around the world unite to form allegiance to raise money for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation. There are 12 months of the year, hence 12 spots in the calendar each year.

The Goths for Sophie Calendar Project is an independent project founded in Australia, to purely assist the The Sophie Lancaster Foundation in the UK.

Who are we raising money for?

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

Sophie’s murder was treated as a Hate Crime by Judge Russell who sentenced the murderers accordingly. Under the current UK Hate Crime Legislation, and as the motivation behind the murder was hateful, he was able to use his discretion to class it as a Hate Crime.

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation are working to have “Alternative Subcultures” or “Lifestyle and Dress Code” added to the reportable Hate Crime strands to ensure that it is not a discretionary option but equal to the existing strands which are:

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Disability
  • Homophobia
  • Transgender

To find out how to stamp out prejudice, hatred and intolerance, please visit The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

(Registered Charity Number 1129689)

How is the project funded?

The project is funded initially by the creator to pay for the initial cost of printing and the money raised pays for the cost of the printing and all profit thereafter is donated to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

We use a website called pozible.com for the fundraising in AUD and transfer the funds via PayPal to the foundation at the end of each year in GBP. This rate will vary depending on the exchange rate, however whatever we raise is returned with receipts to the foundation. Each of our Ambassadors also purchase their own copy of the calendar as part of their role in promoting the calendar. There are no freebies!

This website is a volunteer based project and no remuneration is paid to the people who create the project every year and expenses to maintain this site and it’s development are donated personally, as is their time.

We are very transparent online about the funds raised and do not profit from this project whatsoever. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us.